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Nicereply Feedback Analytics

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Comprehensive view of customer feedback in one place

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Centralized feedback

The Nicereply rating feed provides a comprehensive view of team & agent performance regarding customer satisfaction, effort & loyalty.

Rating feed

Various filtering options

Select one or more surveys to filter customer feedback. Identify feedback received by a specific agent, team, or multiple agents. Display positive, neutral, or negative feedback. Or filter ratings with or without comments.


Feedback detail

The rating detail view includes a summary of the survey, rated agent, customers' name, company & email, and the date & location of the feedback.


Rating tags

Every rating you receive can be tagged. By doing so, you can separate customer feedback more effectively & ensure no issue goes unnoticed.

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Identifying negative feedback automatically

The rating feed displays a red issue tag whenever a negative rating is received. Unresolved issues are automatically tagged so they won't be overlooked.

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Customer feedback analytics

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Analyze your performance

Assess your team's performance and your CSAT, CES, & NPS scores.


Discover trends

Track CSAT, CES, and NPS trends over time.


View the open and response rates of automated surveys

Analyze the total number of surveys sent, the number of surveys opened, and the open rate. In the same view, the number of surveys answered & the response rate.

Feedback User Interface Feedback User Interface

Discover the
top-performing teams and users

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Agents analytics

Analyze the performance of your agents.

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Teams analytics

Analyze the performance of your teams.

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Powerful integrations

See feedback directly in your CRM

See feedback from your customers, pushed to their tickets, conversations, deals, etc. in the form of a note and a tag.

Sync agents & customers

Automatically import customers & support agents from your helpdesk with 1 click.

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