The Best Pasta Restaurant: A Short Guide while You’re in Italy

The Best Pasta Restaurant: A Short Guide while You’re in Italy

Enjoying pasta in Italy is perhaps the best thing to feel grateful for. You are eating the country’s most hailed imported item after all and you have it in its birthplace. But knowing the best pasta restaurant in Italy would help you narrow your choices so you would not have to wander the streets aimlessly while drooling over the sight of a restaurant. Choosing the type of the pasta to have alone is already a mess let alone to pick one place to enjoy it.  Pastas are available in a variety of shapes and each shape has its own name. They would be served in different processes, each matches their own types. Some are served in a special sauce while others might have fillings in them, to which the process of preparing the sauce would adhere.

See, it is a mess. You might enter what you consider the best pasta restaurant and order a menu expecting one thing but are served with an entirely different thing…

This confusion would ruin your trip to Italy. Maybe not much, but it would be enough to drive you off the track and forget your true goal going to the land of the pastas: to enjoy its best culinary gem right where it is created. To ease you through the process, here is a guide to the best pasta restaurant in Italy:


Located in Reggio Emilia, you should not enter this establishment expecting wondrous decoration that leaves a little to imagination. Save your excitement for the menus that are sure to spoil your tongue.

Fun fact: the street where this establishment stands is where Parmigiano Reggiano and balsamic vinegar were born. Recommended items are cappelletti in broth and boiled meats.

Osteria Bottega

This Bologna-based restaurant is known for its Bolognese tortellini filled with mortadella, lasagna, tagliatelle, and cold cuts.


Pietranera is situated at the Reggio Emilia. Here, you can enjoy all kinds and sizes of Tortellini, served generously, portion-wise. Cap that off with pear-chocolate cake dessert. During summer, you can enjoy your meals on a terrace that faces the hills and the Canossa castle.

Ai Due Platani

Expect to enjoy award-winning pasta dishes from this Parma-based restaurant. Order ricotta-spinach-filled pumpkin tortello and pasta al torchio—a dish served in a sauce that matches the season.

Il Bosco

Another place found in Reggio Emilia, Il Bosco’s specialty is ssquared green tortelli. The tortelli is filled with chard and Parmigiano Reggiano, served the simplest possible way (using either butter alone or butter and sage.
Osteria del Girasole
Located in Modena, this is the best pasta restaurant in Italy if you’re after the ambiance in addition to its specialty, which ranges from chef’s ravioli to zuppa inglese.

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