Finding The Finest And Priciest Pasta Restaurants In The World

Finding The Finest And Priciest Pasta Restaurants In The World

Pasta is one of the most well known Italian foods, which becomes a favorite meal for many people around the world. No wonder, many pasta restaurants have already been opened in many districts of countries. This Italian food has its tastiest traditional recipe coming from the best Italian chef. Many variations of pasta have been made in greatest serving. It is able to make your appetite bigger and bigger. But, if the charge of price tag will go bigger ten times, will you still grab the pasta? Or it becomes more interesting since the taste will also be that fine as the price itself. If you like doing culinary trip, you must try some great pasta with the great prices. You can find it easily around the world in some pasta restaurants. So, even though this pasta is an Italian food, it does not mean the most expensive pasta will also come from Italy. There are a lot of finest and priciest pasta restaurants that will be the perfect places to enjoy your luxurious pasta. To see how fine the taste is, you can directly to visit some recommended pasta restaurants here.

The first restaurant will come from Acquarello in Munich. This great Italian restaurant will serve you many finest foods coming from Italian recipe. The taste might be very melting in your mouth especially the recipe is very much secret. Actually, this restaurant has been called as priciest place to eat pasta is also because the place looks so luxurious. The Mediterranean style and pastel colors have been touching the building and also the decoration. When you can find your great pasta, you will also be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the place. It is so romantic if you can eat your pasta with the loved one. The other meals are also recommended in Italian seasoning. The restaurant serves you the best meal including the beef and squab.

acquerello restaurant

The next restaurant to visit is Alberto Ciarla in Rome. If you are already accustomed with Italian pasta, in this restaurant you can find something new about your pasta. Many of them are made and mixed with the great seafood. You need also know that Linguini pasta becomes one of the best foods in high price of this restaurant. The light pasta has been made in good seasoning with the tasty tuna. You will also find another pasta called Tagliatelle. This pasta is combined with some roasted snail and swordfish. All of them are served in tasty and unique flavor.

Another one might not be a true pasta restaurant. But, it serves one of the best lobster pasta that makes you mouthwatering. This place also offers you many Italian seafood and dishes that are very much tasty. This restaurant charges you the right price for the finest lobster pasta. If you are wondering where it is, please come to Chicago and find Nico Osteria restaurant. So, after you see all pasta restaurants, be ready to taste it, be ready to take it pricey.

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